Soft Skills Training

Modules on the following areas can be run based on requirements and training needs.


Program Description
Assertive Communication Participants are equipped with skills to communicate in a more assertive manner in workplace, whilst maintaining cordial relationships with their colleagues.
Business Communication Enables participants to communicate their point quickly and effectively as they learn to structure their thoughts, analyse the core essence of communication, and present information for better results.
Business Etiquette ​The program focuses on essential skills that professionals need to distinguish themselves and make a positive impact in their work and social lives, helping them improve the first impression they create among clients.
Business Writing A program designed for people who regularly write emails, reports, meeting notes, or other business documents. Participants are provided tips on how to create emails and documents that draw attention and prompt action.
Conflict Resolution Examining the conflict styles and allowing participants to analyze their own behavioral patterns, this program enables participants to use new and effective techniques to manage conflict and develop coping strategies to deal with difficult people and situations.
Creativity and Problem Solving Revisiting many thinking skills that lie dormant in us, this program explores various individual and group problem-solving approaches and thinking patterns. The program helps people break out of established patterns and look at things differently. The participants are introduced to different creative problem-solving techniques that encourage them to be creative.
Customer Service This program teaches participants how to communicate positively and professionally with customers – both internal and external, and build a good relationship with them. The program suggests the most effective techniques for overcoming customer dissatisfaction.
Delegation Skills This program helps participants master the art of delegation by overcoming the fears that prevent them from engaging in this activity. The training deals with delegation principles and processes, the barriers to effective delegation and how they can use delegation to empower and motivate staff.
Effective Communication Skills This program equips participants with critical skills to start and maintain a conversation. It teaches them to speak confidently and correctly, introduces them to different styles of communication and focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication for effective communication.
Emotional Intelligence The program is designed to help participants increase their personal effectiveness by developing their Emotional Quotient. It teaches participants how to handle their emotions and gears them towards positive results. The course helps participants respond proactively to situations and communicate effectively.
Influencing Skills ​This course enables participants to practice the skills needed for building strong relationships and to improve their communication and influencing skills. The participants learn how to build trust and commitment by using communication to influence others.
Information Skills This program is helpful for participants who need to digest huge numbers in documents, data and reports, as well as assimilate the information needed to remain up-to-date in their fields. This program is structured in a manner that they learn to use practical tools to increase their levels of efficiency and reduce the time taken to assimilate information.
Interviewing Skills This program helps managers prepare for conducting interviews. It makes the managers aware of the company interview process, the perspective of employers, the demeanour to adopt during interviews, asking the right questions for the role and effective listening of the responses.
Leadership Skills ​Leadership Skills is a tailored program to help participants make the transition from individual contributors to effective leaders. The goal is to leadership skills to help them excel in the business world.
Negotiation Skills Negotiations can be related to sales, contracts, buying, deadlines, inter-departmental commitments and other business dealings. The program trains participants to negotiate with confidence and arrive at effective win-win agreements in their dealings.
Planning and Prioritization This program helps employees identify the things they do in a day, the most important tasks they need to do, and the issues they can set aside for later or delegate to someone else.
Personality Development This program results in ongoing personal development – a key skill in leadership. The program identifies the link between motivation and employee performance, recognize the external factors that can influence performance and discover ways to build and encourage self-motivation.
Stress Management The program analyzes how stress impacts us in our professional lives. It helps participants gain insights on managing and reducing stress that they encounter while reaching towards their professional goals. It teaches them to attain success without compromising on their health and motivation levels. This training provides tools and techniques to curtail stress in their lives as create for themselves a stress-free environment.
Team Building This program helps recognize importance of teamwork and teaches how to create bonds within teams. The participants discover that diversity is their greatest asset while effective communication, cooperation and trust are the key to a team’s success. The program helps them to build camaraderie with team members and remain enthusiastic about taking the initiative and the lead.
Time Management The program teaches how to manage time in an efficient and effective manner. The program introduces participants to tools for more effective planned use of time. They learn to apply these tools in numerous other ways to get more of done in less time, both on and off the job.