Leadership Development Programs

Your company can grow if you have a strong mid and senior level leadership team. Our Personal Effectiveness Programs enable your team to better understand themselves and identify ways to be more effective on the job.

Project Management Training

Deliver projects on time and within cost by skilling your managers on the right project management tools and techniques. Based on PMIs PMP Framework, our project management training provides your team with the right blend of knowledge and practical experience.

Sales and Sales Management Training

No company can grow without sales. Whether it's setting up your sales process, or training your sales team and sales leaders, or building a sales culture in your organization, we can help you with it.

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Knowledge of the financial aspects in decision making is the key to success. It is important for Non finance managers to be aware of financial-decision making tools that help them to analyze a given financial statement, understand the nature of cost and ways to reduce cost, take pricing decision, decide a product mix and opt for the best option suiting the financing need. It is important to provide awareness and understanding of the ways finance affects the business objectives.

Soft Skills Training

A suit of modules is available on various areas that can be run based on requirements and training needs.

Coaching and Mentoring Framework

We can set up a strong mentoring process beyond the classroom to develop your leadership team. We also provide specific leadership development training programs.

Business and Sales Strategy Consulting

Looking to expand your market? Looking to set up your sales process? Looking for support with Digital Marketing for your products and services? Want to identify process efficiencies and business process engineering? Require support for setting up quality frameworks in your organization?

On our panel are experienced business leaders with rich corporate experience to provide you consulting services for your business planning and sales strategy.

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