Commenting Made Easier

I have made commenting easier on my blog. Simply select the post you want to comment on by clicking the title of the post. Scroll to the bottom of the post and write your comment in the comment field. Select one of the profiles as your identity and post your comment. Simple! I don’t have a defined and documented comment policy but will stay with common sense. No spam, no trolls, no hurting sentiments, etc. Anonymous comments are fine, though I personally would encourage you to at least leave your…

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My Top 10 Learning Tools, Apr 2009

It’s time to update my top 10 learning tools and techniques list. This time I’ll try to focus more on tools and services. You can view my previous lists of Aug 08 and Jan 08. My top 10 learning tools in April 2009: Google Reader – I read blogs via RSS feeds. I have tried Google Reader, NetVibes, Bloglines and Feedly, and I have stuck to Google Reader. It also allows me to share interesting articles from my feeds. In case you are interested, you can view my shared items…

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It is the Content, Stupid!

It must be the technology bug in me or just the man in me wanting to play with new toys. In my quest to explore different blogging platforms, I have tried my hand at Blogger, Wordpress.com and self hosted Wordpress. Typepad required me to provide credit card information to sign-up and other platforms just didn’t seem popular enough. I searched and researched the comparisons between Blogger and Wordpress. Most comparison posts compare Blogger and self hosted Wordpress. However I found this really useful post that compares Blogger and Wordpress.com, which…

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