What Kept Training Managers Awake in 2012?

So what kept training managers awake during 2012? What challenges they have been facing? During last year I was fortunate enough to be in touch with training managers of various companies in India. While not statistically conclusive, here are some general trends I noticed from my various conversations.Cost: Almost all training managers are pressurized to show some cost savings. Mostly this is resulting in passing on pressure to reduce costs on their training vendors. Cost seems to be their single biggest challenge these days.Uncertain Business Environment: There’s a constant challenge…

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Mobile Learning

I was required to do some research on mobile learning. I am not particularly enthused by the idea of formal learning on mobile phones and don’t have much insight into mobile learning or the use of mobile devices in education. However some thoughts emerged after my digging around:Mobile phones will play a major role in social networking. They will be a key tool for social networking.Downloading songs, ring tones and wallpapers will be the main applications. Gaming on mobile phones is also increasing. Major content revenue from mobile phones will…

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