Results of Unofficial Salary Survey of eLearning/Content Development Jobs – 2008

Update: See 2009 elearning and content development salary data here.Announcing the analysis of the Unofficial Salary Survey of elearning and content development jobs in India. This was a direct survey of individual respondents. No company response was sought. I used viral marketing to promote survey. This included an initial direct mailer and then posting on eCube Facebook and various Orkut groups. Orkut seems to have a larger Indian audience.The survey received total 62 responses, including 8 incomplete responses. Most responses were from the NCR region, followed by Mumbai. Pune, Bangalore…

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Directory Blogging

Directory BloggingI discovered SlideShare and liked it very much. It is the slideshow version of YouTube. Currently takes PPT, PPS, PDF and OpenOffice files only. Slideshare allows you to embed presentations on your site just like YouTube. Figured that the site is already about a year old. Will this be the next YouTube or Facebook? Time will tell but I would put some money on it. Read about Rashmi Sinha, the co-founder and CEO of SlideShare.Found a great presentation that describes different styles of blogging by Rohit Bhargava and Jesse…

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