It’s Not This Or That, It’s This AND That

Came across a tweet by a respected TV journalist today:r day should be a celebration of creative genius of india, not of armed forces might. fewer tanks, more music. gnightI have heard people cribbing and providing their alternatives in the past also. “We should not spend money on games, the same could be used for the poor”, “why do film stars get awards, they should be given to intellectuals” and so on.Mostly we rant about why we shouldn’t do the things that are happening and why we should shift our…

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A Day in the Life of a Student

My 10 year old son wrote a creative writing piece as part of his home work that I just had to post here. It has some interesting insights into the lessons of life he might be imbibing at this age. So here it is with due permissions from my son to post it on my blog (with corrected spellings).A day in the life of a studentAs everyone knows that student life is difficult, I would first plan my day so that I don’t have to plan it afterwards. I would…

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