To be an Entrepreneur

Coming to Chennai has introduced me to many new things. I started using Twitter! I have also had the chance to meet up with budding and experienced entrepreneurs. As part of the Chennai Open Coffee Club I experienced un-conferences. I tried one in office and it didn’t quite go off very well, but then that’s another post. The charm of being an entrepreneur is huge and draws a lot of people to it. I spoke to many people and listened attentively to many a discussion to understand various business models.…

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It is the Content, Stupid!

It must be the technology bug in me or just the man in me wanting to play with new toys. In my quest to explore different blogging platforms, I have tried my hand at Blogger, Wordpress.com and self hosted Wordpress. Typepad required me to provide credit card information to sign-up and other platforms just didn’t seem popular enough. I searched and researched the comparisons between Blogger and Wordpress. Most comparison posts compare Blogger and self hosted Wordpress. However I found this really useful post that compares Blogger and Wordpress.com, which…

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Blogging & New Media Workshop by IBNMS

I attended two sessions of the Blogging and New Media Workshop organized by Indian Blog and New Media Society. I was actually surprised to see a relatively large turnout. There would have been approximately 100 people. That’s not bad for a Sunday evening session and a working day Monday evening session. The audience was very varied in terms of their experience as a blogger and I commend how the presenters, Ajay Jain and Abhishek Kant, handled the audience questions with patience. There were also a significant number of women in…

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