My Top 10 Productivity Mobile Apps for 2014

Continuing my post of My Top 10 Mobile Apps for 2014, I share my top 10 productivity enhancing mobile apps. In the last year, I found myself using the smartphone mobile more and more, not requiring me to use my laptop many a times. These apps allowed me to access my data anywhere and allowed me to be ubiquitous online.My Top 10 Productivity Mobile Apps:Calendar: While there are many Calendar apps available, I settled for native HTC Calendar app as my preferred app. The native app allow me to sync…

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Hotmail in Outlook

Just discovered Microsoft Office Outlook Connector. The Outlook Connector provides allows you to manage your Windows Live Hotmail email and contacts from within Outlook. According to the Microsoft website, it is ‘free of charge’. It installed without any problems and now I am using my Hotmail email in Outlook. Pretty cool. It seems you can do a lot more with this connector.

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