Hotmail in Outlook

Just discovered Microsoft Office Outlook Connector. The Outlook Connector provides allows you to manage your Windows Live Hotmail email and contacts from within Outlook. According to the Microsoft website, it is ‘free of charge’. It installed without any problems and now I am using my Hotmail email in Outlook. Pretty cool. It seems you can do a lot more with this connector.

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Introducing my kids to email

I am going to help my 11 year old daughter create her first email ID. I am looking for options available. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo are of course obvious choices, but is there an email service specifically for kids? My natural parental instinct worries me about my children getting on the Net unmonitored. At the same time I wonder given the muck they watch on TV and read in the newspapers, does it really matter that they are on the Net unmonitored? Yet to play safe, I am looking for kids…

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