Learning Formats in 2020

Geetha Krishnan asks "what kind of learning formats will be in vogue in the year 2020, specifically with respect to corporate training?" My short response that I left as comments on his post is given below. Don’t miss out on other comments on his post from experts in the industry.Man (as in generic human, not intended to be sexist), has forever learned from teachers, gurus. Knowledge has been passed down through ages by the teachers/gurus. The medium changed over the years. The common thread that I see is that the changing…

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Web and Mobility

Seth Godin recently wrote Do you know enough? If not, what are you doing about it? If so, who do you think you're kidding? [Interesting side alley: I was talking to a friend yesterday and encouraged her to speak at an upcoming conference. She said, "No way. I don't know enough." I explained that volunteering to speak was the best way to be sure that she'd end up knowing enough by the time she was through.]   When I recently got a chance to speak at our annual strategic input…

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In the many blogs that I follow, much is being discussed about the use of virtual worlds for learning and game-based immersive learning. Now imagine if virtual world had not the avtars or characters, but real people interacting. Imagine what this would do to education and training. This isn’t a new story but I didn’t find this mentioned on the various blogs I follow. Human Productivity Lab runs a story of Cisco’s "On-Stage" Telepresence experience at the launch of their Globalization Center East in Bangalore, India. During a presentation to…

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