Web 2.0 Quotient – version 1.1

Based on some of the feedback I received, I have made a few modifications to the Web 2.0 Quotient. There is greater focus on collaboration and not just having an account with the Web 2.0 services. Check your Web 2.0 Quotient here.   Please keep your suggestions coming and help this evolve. Please share your score in the comments (Post a Comment link below). Related posts: My original post on Web 2.0 QuotientYour feedback on Web 2.0 Quotient   Disclaimers: Uses rudimentary MS Excel features and is highly dependent of…

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Responses to Web 2.0 Quotient

I received some very useful feedback on various forums on the rudimentary form I created to check your Web 2.0 Quotient.Carla Arena writes:Well, first I must confess that being comfortable and having a high IQ on the Web is not about the services you use and how often you connect, but how you're using it to connect to others and learn. Anyway, I had fun with your form, but I'd change it to a Web2.0 version using a google docs form, rather than an excel program that you have to…

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What is your Web 2.0 Quotient?

While Kevin Kelly talks about Internet of things as he predicts the next 5000 days, the question is are we even ready for the present? We are still struggling with Web 2.0 and Learning 2.0, trying to bridge the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants. So are we really ready for the future? How well do you use the web in the present? Are you familiar with the Web 2.0 mumbo-jumbo? Do you utilize the web to connect, learn and grow? What is your Web 2.0 Quotient? Here’s a…

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