The Future as Children See It

My soon-to-be-10-year-old son has been introduced to various ages of history thanks to a popular computer game. Out of curiosity, I asked him what ‘age’ we are currently in. According to him, we are currently in the “Touch age”. He is inspired by the iPhone and other touch screen phones he is exposed to. The next age according to him will be the “Talk age”. We will just need to talk to the machines and they will act on what we say. After that we will have the “Think age”.…

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Are we ready for the Future?

The second post on Mark Oehlert’s blog that caught my eye today was this TED video of Kevin Kelly predicting the next 5000 days. This is a great video to watch. Kevin talks about the last 5000 days and how the next 5000 days will be the Internet of Things and “The One” machine. You must watch this video fully.It made me think though. I see vast differences in the way the Web is used by different people. The variances are way too high to be comfortable. I could be…

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