How to Decide Whether to Insource or Outsource Elearning Development?

I recently got a query on LinkedIn about needing help with decision between insourcing and outsourcing elearning content development. " I have a small request - is there a way to get a ball-park figure to develop one hour of e-learning content in India using rapid development software such as Articulate Studio/Storyline? We have been doing e-learning development in house and our new VP of HR wants to consider the possibility of outsourcing it. I am in the process of doing a cost-benefit analysis and so, need this information. I…

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Invisible Innovation in India

Over past few years I have written about Innovation on this blog. Recently I came across this TEDx video where Nirmalya Kumar talks about invisible innovation happening in India. Not quite the interesting innovation that we expect but innovation nevertheless.Nirmalya Kumar is a professor of Marketing at the London Business School and a passionate voice for new entrepreneurs in India.

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