Indian Learning Professionals and Companies on Twitter

I have updated my list of Indian learning professionals on Twitter. I have included company Twitter accounts in the list. Feel free to leave a comment to suggest more professionals and companies who should be on the list. I have been less discerning this time and have included all professionals who have more than one tweet on the list. Also listed them in alphabetical order.

You can now use the TweepML link to easily follow these professionals on Twitter.

aanteladda – aanteladda

Education Strategist, Coach, Bridge, Entreprenuerial Catalyst, Mum

abhijitkadle – Abhijit Kadle

interests range from genetics, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, engineering, technology, computing to electronic games, media, communication, and design

Abhinava – Abhinava

biker… dreamer… sapiosexual

amitgautam – Amit Gautam

atuljog – Atul

Trainer,Executive Coach & a curious learner! Passionate abt adult learning, bringing fun and learning into training n designing content which are impactful …

baxiabhishek – Abhishek Baxi

geek / new media guy / photowalker / microsoftie / windows7 PC / blank noise guy / critical movies fan / windows mobile

bishtumesh – Umesh Bisht

learning and development professional, digs web 3.0 , e-learning, and content

dbhasin – Dolly Bhasin

Am a Knowledge Enterpreneur with focus on Small Enterprises, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality for eLearning and emarketing

deepak1279 – Deepak

dineshmagadi – dinesh magadi

dominicrajesh – Dominic Rajesh

HR Professional with focus on Learning and Development. Motto: Help others help themselves.

elearningtyro – E-Learning Tyro

Instructional Designer and E-Learning Specialist

followVasan – vasan

e-Learning professional committed to making difference through learning solutions

gaganadlakha – gaganadlakha

gargamit100 – Amit Garg

eLearning Outsourcing, Learning 2.0

GautamGhosh – Gautam Ghosh

HR and Social Media geek. Perpetual Learner. Interested in how emergent technologies are changing Organizations. Organizations 2.0 if you please!

geetabose – Geeta Bose

Run Kern Communications -a learning solutions & usability consulting company

gJaideep – Gerald Jaideep

Innovation Initiator or Hunter/Gatherer for FireStarters

harmalbhu – Harini

Instructional designer. Love: Fiction, techie tools.Sharing Knowdlege.

indug_72 – Indu Gopinath

Jax – Xavier Roy

I get paid to write 🙂

JosephineShobee – Josephine Shobana

Delivery Manager at Element K. Interested in learning, innovation, leadership, strategy…

kamalbatra – kamalbatra

kanchanshine – Kanchan Shine

Instructional Design Consultant

kapil1312 – Kapil Bhatia

Enjoy discussing Education, web 2.0 , edupunk, elearning. Hate people who block youtube and twitter in schools.

karthicku – Karthick

KavisMusings – Kavi

Blogger. Dreamer. Optimist. Coach. Believer in people and potential. Citizen of the world. Ranter in general.

lakshmanr – lakshman rajagopalan

Learning professional, Management, Leadership, enthusiastic trekker, amateur photographer, follower of techie news, avid reader

lakshmik_92 – Lakshmi Krishnan

Learning and OD professional

manishmo – Manish Mohan

Collaborative and Informal Learning, Management, Performance enhancement, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Amateur photography

Mohammedhb – Mohammed HB

mrmwrites – swamimo

Technical Writer, Blogger, Web Admin, Secretary – ITC SIG of STC, Employment Manager – STC India Chapter

MuhammadAnas – Muhammad Anas

preetamrai – preetamrai

Tracking tech and music from Africa, E.Europe and Asia

poojajaisingh – Dr. Pooja Jaisingh

eLearning Professional

rajesh_pankaj – Rajesh Pankaj

RaviBramha – RaviBramha

AVP Technology, 24×7 Learning

rjaideep – R.Jaideep

elearning professional,tech lover,future enterpreneur

rnarchana – Archana Narayan

Constantly evolving as an instructional designer at Kern Learning Solutions ( to ensure richer learner experience

rucsb – rucsb

Web 2.0 buff,IBMer,Learning professional, Indian, geek,netizen, thought leader, luvable !

ruparajgo – Rupa Rajagopalan

Instructional Designing – My Passion

sahana2802 – Sahana Chattopadhyay

Learning evangelist, instructional designer and social learning enthusiast. Believe collaborative, participative learning is the future…

sekar_jd – sekar_jd

shaji0508 – Shaji

Design Specialist at NIIT

shana1729 – Nishana

Senior Flash Developer

shishirsh – Shishir Sharma

Project Management, Technology, Instructional Design, Learning Solutions, Amateur photography, Sketching, Languages, Astrology

sreyadutta – Sreya Dutta

Instructional Designer by profession, working at Oracle.

sundararajt – Sundar Thondaman

An ardent fan of social media..learning consultant in the enteprise space..venturing into management consulting, and life skills training…

svsm67 – Sonia Sant

thoughts – Geetha Krishnan

Learning professional

togetherinlife – kaushik

Love.Life.Great Parents.Training,Blogger.Speaker.Travelling.See India.Trekking.Himalayas.Reading.Long Drives.Yoga.Beer.Making Mistakes.Explore Life Everyday!

VaiVai – Vaishnavi

An Instructional Designer by profession, passionate about literatures from across the world and enthusiastic about new experiences!

vijeesh – Vijeesh Shankar

learning – mobile, classroom, web, social, informal..(a-z of learning 🙂

write2tg – Taruna Goel

“A learning professional” – an instructional designer, trainer, recruiter, supervisor, mentor, coach, change initiator, training manager…and more.

Learning Companies

24x7Learning – 24×7 Learning

24×7 Learning is India’s premier Intellectual Infrastructure partner

Astutix – Astutix Learning

Effective Learning – Delivered!

niitimperia – niitimperia

NIIT Imperia Center for Advanced Learning has been specially created to provide quality Management Education to working professionals.

NIIT_Imperia – NIIT Imperia

NIIT Imperia offers world class senior management programs with IIM Calcutta available for working professionals and organizations at NIIT-Imperia.


This is the official Twitter site for NIIT Ltd.- leading Global Talent Development Corporation and Asia’s No.1 IT Trainer

niituniversity – NIIT University

The NIIT University is a not-for-profit institution offering UG, PG and Doctoral Programs in IT, Edu Technology, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology.

trainingdotcom – is an eLearning initiative by NIIT to provide convenient, personalized and affordable training to students and working professionals.