Indian Learning Professionals on Twitter

Following up on my post on blogs by learning professionals in India, here’s a list of Indian Learning professionals who tweet a little more frequently on Twitter. My criteria for selecting: minimum 50 tweets and must have bio text. Mind you, not all tweets are about learning/elearning. You can catch me on twitter at @manishmo.

Here’s the list of Indian learning professionals on Twitter, sorted on most tweets:

  1. Ruchi Bhatia @rucsb: Web 2.0 buff,IBMer,Learning professional, Indian, geek,net addicted, thought leader, luvable !
  2. *Abhinava @Abhinava: biker… dreamer… sapiosexual
  3. Geetha Krishnan @thoughts: Learning professional
  4. Archana Narayanan @rnarchana: Constantly evolving as an instructional designer at Kern Learning Solutions ( to ensure richer learner experience
  5. Sahana @sahana2802: Instructional designer and social learning enthusiast. Believe collaborative, participative learning will be the future of e-learning and workplace learning.
  6. *R. Jaideep @rjaideep: elearning professional,tech lover,future entrepreneur
  7. Sreya Dutta @sreyadutta: Instructional Designer by profession, working at Oracle.
  8. Kapil Bhatia @kapil1312: Enjoy discussing Education, web 2.0 , edupunk, elearning. Hate people who block youtube and twitter in schools.
  9. Geeta Bose @geetabose: Run Kern Communications -a learning solutions & usability consulting company
  10. Rupa Rajagopalan @ruparajgo: Instructional Designing – My Passion
  11. Amit Garg @gargamit100: Co-founder – Upside Learning India. Interests – Outsourcing, Instructional Design, Sales, Marketing, Social Media.
  12. Taruna Goel @write2tg: “A learning professional” – an instructional designer, trainer, recruiter, supervisor, mentor, coach, change initiator, training manager…and more.
  13. Gerald Jaideep @gJaideep: Innovation Initiator or Hunter/Gatherer for FireStarters

    New additions to the list:

  14. *Swaminathan Moorthy @mrmwrites: Technical Writer, Blogger, Web Admin, Secretary – ITC SIG of STC, Employment Manager – STC India Chapter
  15. *Kavi @kavismusings: Anything that hits the fan is not evenly distributed
  16. Sathish Narayanan @elearningtyro: Instructional Designer and E-Learning Specialist
  17. Kaushik Chakraborty @togetherinlife: Love.Life.Great Parents.Training,Blogger.Speaker.Travelling.See India.Trekking.Himalayas.Reading.Long Drives.Yoga.Beer.Making Mistakes.Explore Life Everyday!
  18. Sundar @sundararajit: An ardent fan of social media..learning consultant in the enteprise space..venturing into management consulting, and life skills training…
  19. Abhijit Kadke @abhijitkadle: interests range from genetics, evolutionary biology, biochemistry, engineering, technology, computing to electronic games, media, communication, and design
  20. Vijeesh Shankar @vijeesh: learning – mobile, classroom, web, social, informal..(a-z of learning 🙂
  21. Vasan @followVasan: e-Learning professional committed to making difference through learning solutions
  22. Gautam Ghosh @gautamghosh: HR and Social Media geek. Perpetual Learner. Student of Life.

* less frequent tweets about learning/elearning

Feel free to add to the list. I will update the list every now and then.