It’s Been a Rather Quiet 2011 Here

It’s been a rather quiet 2011 on this blog. Thanks to a couple of guest posts, there were 12 real posts in the whole year. As I reflect on last year, the usual excuse of getting very little time was the first one that sprung to mind. But in reality, I think I just didn’t make enough effort. There were many blog posts that crossed my mind that didn’t get written. Many reflections that I wanted to share, many questions that I wanted to explore. Hopefully 2012 will be a better year for this blog. With renewed vigor in the New Year, I am hoping that I will post a lot more frequently in 2012.
Here’s a summary of blog posts of 2011:
  1.  I explored the question of whether an organization/business unit should be delivery led or sales led. I am still struggling to find the right balance.
  2. Taking a stab at rants, I make a case that It’s Not This Or That, It’s This AND That.
  3. A sponsored guest post by Ronnie Friedmann on Painless way to get and give employee feedback.
  4. Picking up a question on Twitter, I share some of the lies I have heard by people while quiting their job.
  5. In a guest post by Puja Anand, she shares her categorization of Clients from Hell.
  6. A video presentation talk by Sir Ken Robinson triggered my thoughts on driving divergent thinking in our children.
  7. Rupa Rajagopalan has been instrumental in running the Instructional Designers Community of India for the last few years along with some other enthusiastic members of the profession published my interview in their newsletter IDConnect.
  8. Another guest post by Puja Anand in which she shares her experiences of dealing with clients from different cultures.
  9. An experience sharing event at work triggered this post in which I share my defining customer moments.
  10. I explore the question Is changing jobs the best way of getting a raise
  11. In the quest for learning something “new” all the time, the younger people are losing the quest to hone and improve what they know and keep struggling with “I am not learning anything new”.
  12. A call from a recruiter who had not checked my LinkedIn public profile made me wonder why recruiters aren’t using social networking to hire.