Progress so far – Unofficial Salary Survey 2010

It’s been a slow start to the 2010 Unofficial Salary Survey of eLearning, Content Development and Training jobs. You can now view the responses by following the Responses link.
Some highlights so far:
  • Functions that have participated are Instructional Designers (33%) and Technology/Programmers (22%), followed by Project management (17%) and Graphics and Media (11%).
  • Most participants have 10 years work experience (28%) followed by 5 and 3 years (11% each).
  • So far the survey seems to be dominated by male responders (72%).
  • Only 28% people switched jobs last year.
  • Mostly people from elearning/training vendors have participated (72%).
  • City spread is fairly even with nearly equal participation from NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. Surprisingly, Bangalore has had low participation so far.

Some changes I had introduced in this year’s survey were:
  • Number of years of experience is more specific rather than a range.
  • Salary details are now a number instead of a range. This will help get better inputs about salaries.
  • Gender info can help to see if there is any gender inequality in salaries.
  • Industry info can help identify salaries in different industries.

The survey can be useful only if more people participate. Do spread the word around.
There’s nothing official about this survey. The survey is not based on responses by companies but based on responses provided by you, the employee. This survey is not associated with any organization. The survey is anonymous.
This survey is for you if you are an Instructional Designer, Content Developer, Technical Writer, Project Manager, Graphics designer, Flash Programmer, Content Integrator, Tester, Editor, Trainer, Training administrator, SME, or any other role involved in elearning, content development and training delivery.
Click Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey of India 2010 to participate in the survey. I will publish the findings on my blog here sometime in August/September 2010. This year’s questionnaire attempts to find out more about you and the industry to provide a more in-depth analysis.
Help derive maximum benefit from this survey: spread the word about this survey. Email, Tweet, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn and Blog about this page for your friends and colleagues.
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