Social Networker in Hindi

What is a social networker in Hindi? Jugaadu! A jugaadu is someone who knows people and can get things done. Isn’t that the essence of social networking or networking in general? Basically know more people so you can get the info when you need it, or get a job, or get a business deal etc.

Jugaadu n. /jü-‘ga-d&-‘ü/ (जुगाडू): a person one who has numerous useful and cashable Jugaads. A person who will always find you a resourceful / creative solution to problems. Synonym: Bricoleur (French)

 Jugaad n. /jü-‘ga-d&/ (जुगाड़): an improvised or jury-rigged solution; inventiveness, ingenuity, cleverness. Jugaad is slang for “Jugat” (in Punjabi) which has its root in “Yukti” in Sanskrit, meaning solving a problem that typical linear logic will not work. Synonym: Bricolage (French)