The Year That Was 2009

Here’s a look back at the popular posts on this blog and where readers came from during 2009.

Top 10 posts:

  1. eLearning and Content Development Salaries in India. Also in the list were posts inviting participation in the survey and the 2008 salary survey findings.
  2. Rules for Kids and Teenagers for Facebook Usage
  3. Instructional Designer Competencies
  4. Getting Started with Instructional Design
  5. Learn and Lead (About)
  6. Blogs by Indian Learning Professionals and Companies
  7. Web 2.0 Quotient – version 1.1
  8. Indian Learning Professionals on Twitter, updated list here
  9. Innovation in Indian Learning Industry
  10. 5 Reasons Why You are Not Being Promoted

Top traffic sources:

  1. Google / organic
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Orkut
  5. Yahoo

Top referring blogs/sites

  1. Upside Learning blog
  2. eLearningLearning
  3. eCube
  4. Learning Circuits blog
  5. The Writers Gateway

Top search keywords that helped people get here:

  1. facebook rules for kids, teenagers and facebook, rules for teenagers, facebook and teenagers
  2. manish mohan, manishmo
  3. instructional design competencies, instructional designer competencies
  4. salary survey 2009, salary survey india
  5. shift happens 4.0, shift happens

(Data source: Google Analytics)