Top 10 Blogs by Learning Professionals in India

Jul 2009 Update: You can find an updates list of blogs by Learning professionals and companies in India here.

Time magazine came out with an issue of ‘Lists’, publishing various top 10 lists for 2008. RWW has many posts on various top 10s of the year. Inspired I started working on top 10 blogs by learning/training professionals in India, about learning/training. I found it hard to find 10 blogs that are updated regularly (at least 1 post a month)!!!

Obviously I am not reading enough. So where are the learning/training professionals with their blogs about the profession? Do leave your comments with links to blogs by learning/training professionals in India.

Here’s my list of top 10 blogs by learning/training professionals in India:

  1. Writers Gateway – Rupa Rajagopalan
  2. Viplav Baxi’s Meanderings – Viplav Baxi
  3. eCube, Collaborative Learning Environment – various authors
  4. Speak Out – Archana Narayan
  5. Designed for Learning – Taruna Goel
  6. Random Ideas – Mousumi Ghosh

    Here are the remaining who I wish would write more often:

  7. Simply Speaking – Geetha Krishnan
  8. Discursive Learning – Anil Mammen
  9. The Learned Man – Ankush Gupta
  10. E-Learning and Beyond! – Amit Kapur