Collaboration: It’s Not About Technology, It’s About the Culture

I got a chance to talk about how companies can use technology internally to collaborate and share more effectively. I started with examining what’s currently in use in organizations.Email is the most commonly used collaborative tool. Unfortunately it is also perhaps the worst tool for open collaboration in an organization. You can only collaborate with people you send the email to. And the information is then trapped in email inboxes of people who were communicating with each other, with no access to others. The information isn’t shared beyond the people…

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Measuring Micro-blogging Adoption

Here are the parameters I am using to measure adoption of corporate micro-blogging. Number of members on the serviceTotal messagesPeople with at least one message% People with at least one messagePeople contributed 80% of messages% People contributed 80% of messagesStill don't have a strong business case to take to my CEO for spending money on it.

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