Recognition Beyond Awards

A few years ago my boss said to me in a review meeting that we weren’t doing enough recognition. I defended we were probably doing too much. We had Star of the Month, spot awards, recognition mails etc. I also felt exceptional work should be recognized not just great work. And then a little while ago, an Aha moment for me happened. Recognition is not just about awards, it is also about acknowledging the work being done that is just supposed to be done. A simple Thank You can go…

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Great Work is not Recognized

I recently read this in one of the blogs that I follow (which unfortunately I can’t remember, apologies). Great work is not recognized by managers, exceptional work is. Great work is expected from you anyway. This is so true. I have heard many people complain that they got no recognition for the work they did. In some cases they said they got no recognition for the great work they did. So how can we do exceptional work that will be noticed and recognized? Well, to start with stop focusing on…

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