I Am Not Learning Anything New!!!

I am not learning anything new.
I am still doing what I did years ago.
There is no “growth” for me.

I have heard this a few times lately. It seems there’s a quest for continuous learning. And there’s the quest for learning something “new” all the time. Unfortunately there’s no quest to hone and improve what we know. There’s a quest to spread ourselves thin without learning in depth about anything. If I have done something once, it seems I know everything there is to know about it. And “growth” is only a rung in the corporate ladder, a designation change.
Pandit Jasraj is still singing after years and years of singing. I wonder if he says I am not learning anything new and that I have singing for all these years. I am still a singer, what I was 20 years ago, there’s no “growth” for me.
If the quest is for continuous learning something new each time, what are we doing about it? Are we reading new things? Are we spending time networking with other knowledgeable people and engaging in a conversation with them? Are we writing and speaking about what we are learning?

And are we actually willing to learn? How can we be willing to learn anything new if we believe that we know it all? Where is the space for new learning in this situation?