Is Changing Jobs the Best Way to Get a Raise?

In a recent employee survey by Mercer it was found that one in two employee is seriously considering leaving their jobs for better opportunities in terms of career and base pay. Interestingly around 66% of employees under age 24 are seriously considering leaving. It leads to an interesting question that I have been pondering over and researching informally:

Is changing jobs the best way to get a raise?

After say more than 15 years work experience, do you think someone who has hopped jobs more regularly will be paid more than someone who has spent longer in each job? While I haven’t done any serious research, however based on the senior level profiles I come across, I haven’t yet found substantial evidence of job hoping really making a significant impact on the ability to get more pay in the long run. I haven’t particularly found people with more job changes at higher salary levels than the ones who might have stayed in organizations longer.

It would be interesting to have a survey for people with say more than 15 years of work experience. Would love to hear your observations on this. Do take the time to respond below.

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Image by s_falkow