The Best Job in the World

So Ben Southall bagged the best job in the world, the dream job of Tourism Queensland.  He gets a six-month, live-in contract to promote the Great Barrier Reef, and get paid $100K. This got me thinking what my dream job might be. Here are a few my dream jobs.


Consultant, Advisor… I can tell you what to do; just don’t ask me to do it. And pay me top dollar for it too.

Mentor, Coach (corporate kinds)… I would love to share my knowledge and experience. Fortunately I get to do this a lot in my current job, so I am pretty much close to doing what I really like.

Teacher (academic kinds)… Become a professor in a management school, new batch of students each year, lots of time to research and experiment. Unfortunately schools require me to have fancy degrees before they would even consider me as a professor.

Writer… full time that is, not just writing a blog, and not just work stuff either. If only I can figure out how it will pay for my mortgages.

Producer, Director… of a full fledged Bollywood movie. Heck who wants the critics awards… I want the whole nine yards to produce and direct a Bollywood movie. I just need to find a close relative in the likes of Karan Johar to get started.


So what’s your dream job?