Solve a Business Problem or Create a WBT?

I had an interesting chat conversation over the weekend with a budding instructional designer.ID: I wanted to discuss about Instructional approaches ID: Suppose there's a client who says " they have been using ILT that has not been successful, their mentors are not motivating enough& nw wants to change it to a WBT.......and target audience are senior &middle level managers well versed with sales, dealing with retailers etc..... And I've to give them 2 approaches.....do u hv any ideas? Me: why is their ILT not successful? ID: their mentors are…

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The Best Job in the World

So Ben Southall bagged the best job in the world, the dream job of Tourism Queensland.  He gets a six-month, live-in contract to promote the Great Barrier Reef, and get paid $100K. This got me thinking what my dream job might be. Here are a few my dream jobs.   Consultant, Advisor... I can tell you what to do; just don't ask me to do it. And pay me top dollar for it too. Mentor, Coach (corporate kinds)... I would love to share my knowledge and experience. Fortunately I get…

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