What Kind of a CLO Are You?

Inspired by a recent post by Anand (who btw has just turned to become an independent Learning Consultant, give him a shout out in case you are looking for someone) where he categorizes variety of stakeholders who want to get on the LMS bandwagon as Yell, Yum and Yes.
In my view there are three kinds a CLOs implementing or having implemented a Learning Management System (LMS). They are the Learning CLO, Management CLO and the Systems CLO.

The Learning CLOs are all about learning and not so much about training. In fact they might not even care about LMS or other systems as long as learning is taking place. They look for social features in the LMS, they look for extending the LMS beyond managing and measuring training days. They also might have a hard time explaining to the CEO how they are measuring all the learning taking place in the organization.
The Management CLOs are all about trying to be in control of learning and training in the organization. They want roles competencies with defined learning plans for each individual. All training must be ‘approved’ and costs down to the last penny/cent/paisa must be booked to the right department.
Finally the Systems CLOs want to track everything, right from the training request to smiley sheets. They want everything automated, they want alerts for training launches, approvals, reminders, etc. They want reports that are automated and LMS with linkages with other enterprise systems.

No points for guessing which CLO might be the best. You need a good blend of all, Learning, Management and Systems.