Solve a Business Problem or Create a WBT?

I had an interesting chat conversation over the weekend with a budding instructional designer.ID: I wanted to discuss about Instructional approaches ID: Suppose there's a client who says " they have been using ILT that has not been successful, their mentors are not motivating enough& nw wants to change it to a WBT.......and target audience are senior &middle level managers well versed with sales, dealing with retailers etc..... And I've to give them 2 approaches.....do u hv any ideas? Me: why is their ILT not successful? ID: their mentors are…

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Rapid Instructional Design with Thiagi

I came across this video of Thiagi speaking at UMBC Training Forum. This is a longish video, about an hour and 40 minutes, but thoroughly enjoyable. Thiagi is at is irreverent best as always. Definitely worth the time to go through the video fully.Here‚Äôre some of the things he talks about in the video. What is contextualized learning? Learning that takes place in the real world to achieve objectives with real world relevance. He gives the example of a course with a mid-term evaluation as a non-contextual learning example. Content…

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