10 Reasons Why You Should be on Twitter

10 reasons why should you be on Twitter:

  1. You don’t really have the time/patience/inclination/skill to write a blog.
  2. You don’t really follow any specific websites/blogs regularly. You mostly read links recommended by others, usually in an email.
  3. You want to stay up to date with thought leaders of the industry.
  4. You want to quickly get answers to your questions, suggestions on what to do, where to go.
  5. You always miss out someone while updating them about things happening to you.
  6. You want to get quick updates on the latest news.
  7. Your ITS has blocked Facebook and Orkut but not Twitter 😉
  8. Your friends/clients/vendors/colleagues/boss/subordinates are on Twitter.
  9. You want to show your friends/clients/vendors/colleagues/boss/subordinates that you are up to speed with social media by being on Twitter.
  10. You are not sure who you to share the link to the cool/important/interesting site/news/post/video/picture/game that you just stumbled upon.

Feel free to add your reason to the list.

Note to self: Okay, got to stop writing these Twitter posts. I am not a social media expert!!!