6 Tips to Motivate Yourself

I am such a sucker for questions. So how could I resist when Mahindra Experience (@MahindraExp) tweeted to my handle, “@manishmoCan you share some tips that will motivate one to work harder and help them reach their goals?”
Here are 6 tips to motivate yourself to work towards your goals:
  1. Write your goals and make them visible to you all the time (e.g. pin them on your soft board).
  2. Break down your goals into smaller goals with timelines.
  3. Celebrate small successes in your journey to reach your goals.
  4. Share your goals with someone you trust. Enroll them to work with you on your goals.
  5. Assign time in your daily routine to work on your goals.
  6. Keep some time aside to reflect on your journey to your goals. Evaluate your progress and plan as required.

What are your tips to stay self-motivated?