Quitting on a Job or a Boss?

Had an interesting chat with Mark Oehlert on Twitter.

moehlert Dr Mike Echols “people quit their bosses, not their jobs”.

manishmo @moehlert Not always true (ppl quitting on boss and not job). Have had ppl profess their faith in me as a boss but still quit.

moehlert @manishmo I hear ya, I think Echols was referring to a generational difference – that X’ers r less likely than Boomers to put up w/ bad boss

manishmo @moehlert Intrstng. I read it as Gen Xers are more likely to stick w a boss they like, even if they don’t like the job. (1/2)

manishmo @moehlert (2/2) Gen Y-ers are more likely to switch jobs frequently inspite of the boss. Based a little on my own experiences.

moehlert @manishmo I think that’s right too

The notion that people quit their bosses and not their jobs is probably different for Gen X and Gen Y. Gen X is more likely to stick to a good boss even if they don’t like the job. Gen Y is likely to quit the job even if they like the boss. I read in an India employment report (that I am trying to get my hands on to) that Gen Y-ers’ average stint in a company is about 2 years. Based on my experiences, this is quite true.