Would You Get Your Boss Promoted?

I have never come across a post that talks about getting your boss promoted. So this post by Dan McCarthy is a refreshing change. We don’t seem to like our bosses, managers are always complete nincompoops, idiots who seem to have gotten where they are because of anything but competence. Everyone rushes to the ‘rescue’ of the poor worker from the clutches of the incompetent ‘manager’.So why would you even want to think about getting your boss promoted? Dan provides useful insight. He says:I’ll bet when you worked for a…

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Quitting on a Job or a Boss?

Had an interesting chat with Mark Oehlert on Twitter. moehlert Dr Mike Echols "people quit their bosses, not their jobs". manishmo @moehlert Not always true (ppl quitting on boss and not job). Have had ppl profess their faith in me as a boss but still quit. moehlert @manishmo I hear ya, I think Echols was referring to a generational difference - that X'ers r less likely than Boomers to put up w/ bad boss manishmo @moehlert Intrstng. I read it as Gen Xers are more likely to stick w a boss they like,…

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