Employability, the biggest challenge

In my second part in the series, I share what Manish Sabharwal spoke at our annual strategy input conference. Manish Sabharwal is the Chairman and co-founder of TeamLease. Manish wanted to start a new company that was profitable, fun, and good for India. He co-founded Team Lease, a staffing company, and in six years his company has grown to 80,000 employees and $250 million company. It was great fun listening to Manish again this year.According to Manish, vocational training has to come with a job. There has been an employment…

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A Question of Browsers and Organization Productivity

Two posts on Mark Oehlert’s blog caught my eye today. In his post about Ubiquity user-generated mashups plugin for Firefox browser, Mark wonders why organizations standardize on IE when a much better product is available at the same cost (free). I responded on his blog and realized this could be a post of its own. As I wrote in my post on why workplace learning is largely 1.0, here are some of the reasons for organizations standardizing on IE: I guess the fact that the OS comes preloaded with a…

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