Where am I?

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Just moved into a new role and back in Delhi. And that’s what’s taking up a lot of my mind-space. New role, new team, new projects, new clients… Blogging has been slow and there’s been a recession of my online presence. Things are settling down and hopefully in the coming few months, I should be back on my online presence track.A very interesting part of my role is that I am responsible for many employability projects in India. It feels…

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Quitting on a Job or a Boss?

Had an interesting chat with Mark Oehlert on Twitter. moehlert Dr Mike Echols "people quit their bosses, not their jobs". manishmo @moehlert Not always true (ppl quitting on boss and not job). Have had ppl profess their faith in me as a boss but still quit. moehlert @manishmo I hear ya, I think Echols was referring to a generational difference - that X'ers r less likely than Boomers to put up w/ bad boss manishmo @moehlert Intrstng. I read it as Gen Xers are more likely to stick w a boss they like,…

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Employability, the biggest challenge

In my second part in the series, I share what Manish Sabharwal spoke at our annual strategy input conference. Manish Sabharwal is the Chairman and co-founder of TeamLease. Manish wanted to start a new company that was profitable, fun, and good for India. He co-founded Team Lease, a staffing company, and in six years his company has grown to 80,000 employees and $250 million company. It was great fun listening to Manish again this year.According to Manish, vocational training has to come with a job. There has been an employment…

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